11 Unique Engagement Rings To Say “Yes” To In 2022 (2024)

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Certain aspects of wedding style have evolved over the years: Dresses, for example, have become highly unique and personalized—you can wear a pantsuit, a mini-dress or black gown if you prefer. Engagement rings, however, often hew to the same designs, which have remained relatively unchanged for decades, if not centuries. Refreshingly, though, engagement jewelry is starting to shift, with rings that no longer stick to princess and solitaire cuts but embrace more interesting shapes and a range of materials and stones, from pearls to colored gems. The result: Unique engagement rings that feel far more personal and truly stand out in a way that expresses your partner’s taste.

There’s always been the option to design your own ring, but if you wanted something preset or “demi-set” (meaning you pick a setting but personalize the finishing touches, such as the shape and metal) you were left with very few choices. Now, a range of jewelry houses—including those you can shop online—have broadened the options, with many styles that reinterpret the past in modern ways.

Think unexpected cuts and organic shapes, settings that spread the sparkle throughout the entirety of a ring, interwoven bands of different metals, and asymmetrical designs made with diamonds and colored gemstones. Ahead, 11 jewelry brands with some of the most unique engagement rings that make a statement at various price levels.


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Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Allurez Diamond Bypass Semi-Mount Ring/Wedding Band in 14k Rose Gold

Whether you want to design your own ring or shop from preset styles, Allurez gives you a highly customizable experience. You can filter rings by rose gold settings, with not only 14 karat but also 18 karat options, which is a level of specificity not common among other jewelers. This bypass ring is one of the most unique: It has a twisted band containing 34 diamonds totaling about 0.14 carats; you can also opt for a combination of diamonds and other stones, such as emeralds, garnets or sapphires.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin Lacey Oval Ring In 14K Rose Gold

Clean Origin specializes in lab-created diamonds, made from 100% ethical stones. You can design your own ring or shop from existing collections, such as non-binary or sapphire as well as rose gold. The Lacey Oval Ring stands out with its delicate, curved setting containing four round diamonds finished with an oval shaped center diamond.

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings



Kwiat Engagement Ring with an Ashoka Diamond and Sapphire Halo in Platinum

New-York-based and family run since 1907, Kwiat offers rings with a modern, elegant aesthetic. There are special collections to shop, including those signed by Fred Leighton as well as sapphire styles; this halo ring has calibré-cut sapphires around a center diamond—you choose the size, color and clarity—to provide stunning contrast.


Angara Square Sapphire & Baguette Diamond Rectangle Link Ring

Family-run Angara specializes in ethically-sourced colored gemstones and diamonds, which it supplied to other retailers around the world. In 2005, the brand pivoted to bring their gemstones directly to the consumer, vertically integrating their process—from stone-cutting to designing–so it’s all done in-house (which lowers costs). The sapphire ring selection is extensive and includes traditional and modern options, such as this sapphire and diamond link ring, with an Art-Deco-inspired linear setting.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Natural Sapphire Ring 1/8 ct tw Diamonds 10K White Gold

For affordability and quality, don’t overlook mainstream retailers, such as Kay Jewelers, which has been in business for more than 100 years (the first shop opened in Reading, PA, in 1916) and has really honed their expertise. In addition to designer collaborations (most recently with Monique Lhuillier) the brand offers sapphire rings in both traditional and highly unique settings. This antique-inspired pick features an oval natural sapphire surrounded by round diamonds with milgrain detailing.

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Mejuri Diamonds Cluster Ring

Mejuri has earned a loyal following for its understated yet exquisite designs. This asymmetric cluster ring has an eye-catching organic shape, set with eleven conflict-free and socially responsible diamonds, and cast in 14k solid gold. It can also be engraved with up to 25 characters.


Kinn Seven Marquise Ring

Los-Angeles-based Kinn focuses on fine jewelry of heirloom quality. Rings are thoughtfully stylish and untraditional, with many designs appealing to those who don’t want a predictable engagement ring. The Seven Marquise ring contains a row of natural diamonds that are not dyed or heat treated so no stone is exactly alike, which means every ring is one-of-a-kind (orders have a two- to three-week turnaround time).

Unique Vintage Engagement Rings


Catbird Daphne Solitaire Ring

If you want a vintage-style ring with modern durability, Catbird is a top choice. The Brooklyn-based jewelry studio is known for delicate designs that reinterpret past traditions. The Daphne Solitaire ring, for example, is named after mythological nymphs of the forest and features an emerald-cut diamond in a fairytale-like setting.

1st Dibs

1st Dibs Edwardian 0.58 Ct. Solitaire Filigree Ring in 18k White Gold

The great thing about 1st Dibs is that you can shop from hundreds of styles (sourced from specific time periods) and trust that everything is 100% authentic. The downside: There’s usually only one of each ring so you can’t be assured it will still be available if you come back later. This Edwardian-era solitaire ring is worth investing in—it has a European-cut diamond beautifully placed in a stunning octagonal setting.

Unique Marquise Engagement Rings


Signature V Diamond Ring

Vrai works exclusively with sustainably created diamonds grown with zero emissions, which are then cut and polished into a range of styles. Marquise diamonds—defined by a tapered silhouette that’s has been around since the 1700s—is an atypical option that’s coming back into popularity. This V-Diamond ring is noteworthy for how it holds a marquise diamond of your choice in the center of a curved pavé band cast in platinum.

With Clarity

With Clarity Weaving Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

With Clarity emphasizes transparency in its designs, which are crafted in New York with lab diamonds, ethical sourcing and affordable pricing. You can can shop preset options or design your own with a range of shapes and settings. This romantic woven design combines 0.22 carats of accent diamonds on a pave strand that wraps around a center marquise diamond in the size you prefer.



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Shoe Sensation

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Stuart Weitzman

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Moda Operandi

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11 Unique Engagement Rings To Say “Yes” To In 2022 (2024)


What is the style of engagement rings for 2022? ›


The year 2022 saw a significant rise in the amount of two-stone engagement rings being produced and loved by many. The ring design features 2 diamonds placed together over a band or brought together by a cuff style band.

What are the 5 C's of engagement rings? ›

These qualities are universally described as the 5 C's – Carat, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Confidence. Understanding the 5 C's can help simplify choosing a diamond allowing you to focus on its beauty and ensuring it is the perfect fit for you or your loved one. Carat (ct) refers to the weight of the diamond.

What is the new engagement ring trend? ›

Similar to diamond alternative engagement rings, soon-to-be-weds are expected to lean into their personal styles by opting for unique engagement ring designs that defy tradition (think: bezel settings, Art-Deco designs, and nontraditional diamond shapes, like trillion and hexagon stones).

What is the most popular engagement ring 2022? ›

While there are many unique and beautiful engagement ring shapes and styles to choose from, the oval diamond remains the most popular engagement ring shape for 2022. With over 25% of customers asking about them, thanks to the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Hayley Bieber, you're assured of high brilliance and sparkle.

What is the most popular style engagement ring right now? ›

"The round-cut diamond is consistently the most popular engagement ring shape," says Shannon Delany-Ron, CMO for online ring retailer James Allen, noting that its appearance is timeless, versatile, and provides plenty of sparkle.

Is $5000 alot for an engagement ring? ›

Whether $5000 is considered a lot for an engagement ring depends on individual perspectives and financial circ*mstances. In general, it's a reasonable budget that provides a variety of attractive options.

Is $5,000 reasonable for an engagement ring? ›

Absolutely! A $5,000 can get you a beautiful, high-quality diamond and setting. You can easily buy a 2-carat lab diamond or in some cases even a 2.5-carat lab-grown diamond ring with this budget. It all comes down to the quality of diamond that you choose.

What is the golden rule for engagement rings? ›

Traditional belief (especially in western countries) is that a groom-to-be must spend his 1-3 months' salary on engagement ring.

What is the ring style for 2024? ›

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are making a comeback in 2024. These rings draw inspiration from past eras, combining intricate detailing with a touch of nostalgia. From Art Deco designs to Victorian-inspired filigree, vintage-inspired engagement rings are perfect for brides who appreciate timeless beauty.

What is the trend in rings in 2024? ›

Pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings are one of our favourite trends for 2024, as they offer a distinctive and feminine look that makes a statement. Whether it's blue sapphire, pink morganite, or green emerald, they can be made to match any colour palette.

What is a timeless engagement ring? ›

By saying timeless, we mean a ring that is simpler overall and holds up in terms of its style. A timeless piece of jewelry will always be in fashion and should be trend-resistant.

What makes a classy engagement ring? ›

A classy engagement ring typically features a timeless design, high-quality materials such as platinum or gold, and a well-cut, sparkling diamond or gemstone. It reflects elegance and simplicity, with a focus on enduring style rather than trendiness.

What is the most timeless engagement ring setting? ›

A timeless classic, the three stone setting looks beautiful with many types of stone cuts, from step cut stones like emerald and asscher to a round stone with traps on the side. “Three-stone rings have been on the rise, using the most unexpected and visually interesting cuts and shapes as side stones,” says Lev.

What is the most popular diamond shape 2022? ›

Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes of 2022
  • No. 6: Pear Shape.
  • No. 5: The Emerald Cut.
  • No. 4: The Cushion Cut.
  • No. 3: The Round “Brilliant” Cut.
  • No. 2: The Radiant Cut.
  • No. 1: The Oval Cut.
  • The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Partner.
Dec 15, 2022

What is the average engagement ring size 2022? ›

They also remain the most expensive. The average size of natural stone engagement rings clocks in at 1.6 carats, up slightly from 1.5 in 2022.

How much is the average engagement ring 2022? ›

The average engagement ring cost $6,000 in 2022. The “2 months' salary” guideline you may have heard for engagement ring cost was part of a marketing campaign and isn't a hard-and-fast rule.

What type of ring should an engagement ring be? ›

Your partner will probably want to wear their engagement ring everyday, so it's important to think about what will work with their lifestyle, rather than buying the biggest rock you can afford. Cut: Round or princess (square) cuts tend to be the most popular, but there's an endless sea of cut variation available.


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