13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (2024)

If you’ve chosen to add a bouquet to complete your wedding day ensemble, selecting the flowers to include can be overwhelming. Not only are there countless types of flowers to choose from, but decisions about color, length, and accent blooms or greenery are on the list as well. One way to make the decision simpler? A striking single-flower wedding bouquet.

Single-flower wedding bouquets can be interpreted in multiple ways. You may choose to stick with one single stem, or you might opt for a small posy composed of the same single variety of flowers. Either way, the attention is all on one type of flower, making an intentional statement as you walk down the aisle.

“The simple, elegant look of a single-flower bouquet is ideal for marriers who prefer a classic or modern and chic style,” says Diane Kolanović-Šolaja, creative director and owner of Dee Kay Events. “Moreover, with their relatively friendly price tag, single-flower bouquets are an excellent choice for anyone looking to create an impactful yet graceful look for their wedding day.”

Meet the Expert

Diane Kolanović-Šolaja is the owner and creative director of Dee Kay Events, a wedding planning company based in New Jersey.

This style can work for any wedding aesthetic, whether you’re planning a boho-inspired soiree, a beachside celebration, or a classic, romantic reception. “With a single stem, you can make a statement without having to worry about the complexity of larger arrangements,” says Kolanović-Šolaja. “It also allows you to focus on finding that perfect flower or color. You can choose something beautiful and meaningful to you, like a rose in honor of someone special, or pick bold colors for drama or subtle pastels for elegance.”

Think this less-is-more look is perfect for you? Below, find 13 ideas for the best flowers to incorporate into this minimalist style.

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Celebrate Roses

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Roses consistently top the list of choices for a classic, traditional bouquet. Why not consider traditional with a twist? Carry one single rose, with sprigs of greenery around it, or opt to hold a bouquet of four or five roses all the same color.

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Make a Statement Using King Protea

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (2)

According to Kolanović-Šolaja, king protea is the perfect match for a dramatic, tropical look. The flowering plant produces incredibly large flower heads, with distinctive, thick petals. Carry one solo stem or bunch two or three together, and consider adding in a few small sprigs of greenery or dried grasses for a touch of texture.

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Highlight Lily of the Valley

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (3)

Lily of the valley immediately evokes a feeling of classic elegance. There's a reason it's been carried down the aisle by so many royals, after all. Capture this minimalist look by carrying a small bunch of this stunning plant, without any additional fillers.

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Go for Anemones

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (4)

With such a unique look to them, anemones make a statement in any application, from bouquets to tabletop centerpieces. With white petals and a black center, they're such a visually striking option to allow to stand on their own. Carry one single stem for a bold option, or bundle together a few stems with no added greenery.

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Feature Lilies

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (5)

Thanks to their large size and pointy petals, lilies certainly command attention. With that, they're perfect for carrying as a single-stem option, and you can choose from colors such as yellow, orange, pink, or white. Let the bloom stand on its own, or add a few sprigs of baby's breath or greenery to pull it all together.

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Carry Ranunculus

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (6)

Like roses, ranunculus flowers have multiple layered petals. Choose from colors such as pink, white, yellow, purple, and coral and opt for a small posy made up of just a few, or walk down the aisle with just one single bloom.

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Showcase Sunflowers

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (7)

Sunflowers are bright, bold, and wildly beautiful. Choose this wildflower if you're hoping to hold a single-stem bouquet to make a statement. Consider classic yellow sunflowers, or embrace other varieties with orange, red, and pink hues such as Moulin Rouge or Strawberry Blonde sunflowers.

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Choose Chamomile

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (8)

Channel a romantic garden vibe with this darling type of daisy. Chamomile is beautifully fragrant and absolutely darling. The small white petals paired with vibrant yellow centers make for the perfect flower to hold its own. Choose to carry a small bouquet made up of a handful of stems, or add a few sprigs of eucalyptus to finish the look.

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Opt for Astilbe

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (9)

Astilbe is a flowering plant that can be found in pink, purple, red, and white. And while this small bloom has often been incorporated into bouquets and centerpieces to add texture as a filler, it can certainly make a stunning statement in a bundle by itself.

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Pick Peonies

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (10)

Peonies are known for their incredible scent and fluffy appearance. Kolanović-Šolaja suggests utilizing peonies in full bloom for a classic, elegant look. Choose an all-white color palette, or go bold with hues such as coral or bright pink.

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Celebrate Baby's Breath

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (11)

Baby's breath is often used as a filler for flower bouquets and centerpieces. But why not showcase this dainty bloom on its own? Consider a small, simple posy of baby's breath for a delicate, timeless option.

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Feature Dahlias

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (12)

With such intricate petals, dahlias are one of the most interesting flowers. They also come in a wide variety of color options. Choose to carry just one stem, such as a dinner plate dahlia, or carry a bunch of three to four small dahlias of the same color to command attention.

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Carry Calla Lilies

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (13)

The distinctive shape of calla lilies makes this the perfect flower to stand on its own. While one stem may be a bit too minimal, bunching several together for a small bouquet is sure to result in a stunning, understated look.

13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas (2024)


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