15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (2024)

Does your child love soccer? If so, there are lots of fun soccer-themed birthday party ideas to help keep the party goers busy and entertained.

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List of Soccer Birthday Party Ideas

Some of these ideas are soccer-related activities to play at the party while others are decorations, invitations and more.

Check it out and get busy planning a fun and memorable party.

1) Attention-grabbing Invitations

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Invite friends to your child’s party with some eye-catching invitations that look like tickets to a special event (because it is).

You could try creating your own invitations like this, or you can go to Etsy.com to purchase these invitations.

These are customized invitations by the Etsy seller EliceArtist.

The seller adds the details you provide them (name, age, address, date, etc…) then within 24 hours they’ll send you a digital file that you print off at home.

It’s a great way to set the tone for fun party.

2) Play a friendly Soccer Game (what to do at the party)

Organizing a mini soccer game is the heart of a soccer-themed party.

It’s a fun way for kids to get some exercise, run around with their friends, and overall have a great time.

Set up a small field in your backyard or at a local park.

The challenge is ensuring all kids are involved and the game stays friendly.

You don’t need matching jerseys, but some pinneys can help designate the teams. (Try to keep the skill level of the teams evenly balanced.)

3) Relay Races

Incorporate relay races with a soccer twist, like dribbling a ball through cones then passing the ball off to another guest.

It’s a great way to include children of all skill levels and keep the party energetic.

The key is to design races that are safe and inclusive for all attendees.

4) Obstacle Course

Set up a soccer-themed obstacle course, including dribbling around cones and shooting goals.

It’s great fun and there is sure to be lots of laughs.

Ensure the course is age-appropriate and safe to avoid any injuries.

5) Soccer Skills Challenge

Create a skills challenge with different stations, like goalkeeping, dribbling, and shooting.

It’s a fun way to engage kids in soccer activities and can cater to various skill levels.

To change things up a bit, the kids could try taking turns kicking goals with a blindfold on.

6) Penalty Shootouts

Organize penalty shootouts with small prizes for goals. It’s exciting for kids and adds a competitive edge.

Make sure to keep the competition friendly and inclusive.

You may want to use a foam ball for this activity, or ensure the kicker is far enough away from the goalie to give the goalie time to get out of the way if a kick is coming at their face.

In organized soccer the penalty kick distance is 11 meters from the goal line (about 36 feet), but for little kids you may need to make the kicking spot closer.

7) Have Traditional Party Games too

Not all kids are soccer fanatics, so include other party games like “hot potato”, “Simon Says”, or tag.

It ensures everyone finds something enjoyable, and it’ll keep the kids busy and engaged.

Keep the games simple so that they’ll fit into the party timeline. (You don’t want to have to spend 10 minutes explaining the rules of a complex game.)

8) Soccer Ball Balloons

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (7)

Balloons are the first thing I think of when it comes to decorating for a party. If you walk into a place and wonder which room the party is in, look for the balloons!

And to stick with out soccer theme you could get black, white and green balloons, or you could get foil soccer ball balloons and fill them up with helium.

9) Soccer-themed Cake

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (8)

I don’t think I’m the only one who says that cake is the best part of a birthday party.

A soccer-themed cake, like this cake topper set, is a fantastic treat for a soccer lover.

And what’s cool about cake toppers is that you can make your child’s favorite cake and then add this on top.

It’ll be the centerpiece of your party table and it makes a great prop for the birthday photos.

Remember to ask about dietary restrictions or allergies when the kids are RSVP’ing to the party so you can plan ahead of bring other suitable treats.

10) Soccer Birthday Party Decorations

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (9)

You could piece together your own decorations (like green streamers), or you could buy a set like this 16-piece collection.

A pre-packaged set will save you time and It’s an easy and effective way to enhance the theme. Plus, it’ll also look great in the photos!

Be mindful of the cleanup afterwards and make sure you leave the field or park as clean as you found it.

11) Soccer Field Table Cloth

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (10)

You could create a ‘soccer field’ table with a green tablecloth and white tape to mark lines.

But if you don’t already have a green table cloth, you could get a soccer-themed tablecloth like the one above.

It’s perfect for serving food and immerses kids in the theme.

Just remember to bring some tape or tablecloth weights to an outdoor party so the tablecloth won’t blow away.

12) Soccer Plates

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (11)

Use soccer-themed plates for serving food and cake.

It adds to the decor and minimizes cleanup.

Opt for recyclable or compostable plates for an eco-friendly choice. (But what is recyclable and compostable in your area will depend on the municipal services you have available to you. Just something to keep in mind.)

13) Beach Balls that look like Soccer Balls

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (12)

These inflatable beach balls that look like soccer balls are fun because they can be used during party activities (like dodge ball), they make good decorations, and they can be party favors for the guests to bring home.

They are safer for younger kids and they don’t hurt when you get bonked in the nose.

But they don’t usually hold up well to rough play, heavy kicks, and you need to be careful if it is windy at the party. (You’ll be chasing balls blown all over the field.)

14) Soccer Tattoos

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (13)

Temporary soccer tattoos are a hit with kids. They’re fun and easy party favors.

Ensure the tattoos are skin-safe and easy to remove.

15) Soccer Piñata

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (14)

You gotta admit…pinatas are exciting!

A soccer ball piñata like this filled with treats is a party highlight.

You could put candy in there, but also the soccer tattoos and other party favors. (What a fun way to distribute party favors.)

Supervision is key to ensure safety during the activity. We don’t want some kid who thinks he is Babe Ruth taking massive swings near the other kids.

16) DIY Soccer Crafts

Set up a crafts station where kids can create their own soccer-themed items, like decorating soccer balls or making team pennants. It’s a creative activity that allows kids to take home a personalized souvenir and gives them a chance to calm down a bit following rambunctious playing.

These soccer birthday party ideas will help provide a fun, energetic, and memorable experience for your child and their friends. With a mix of active play, creative decorations, and thematic treats, your soccer-themed party is sure to be a winner.

Thank you.

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15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (18)

15 fun Soccer Birthday Party Ideas (for kids) (2024)


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