19 Soccer Party Ideas for a World Cup Party (2024)

Every four years the world’s best soccer nations gather to compete for the most prestigious trophy in the sport, the World Cup. It’s a celebration of the world’s most beloved sport which brings together people from all cultures and backgrounds. With the women's FIFA World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand happening soon, why not celebrate with some fun soccer party ideas!

Soccer theme parties are best held when tournaments are about to begin or when they’re already happening. Anywhere up to three weeks before the first game, soccer fever spreads like wildfire over the nation. Is it our year? Can we make our own piece of history?

It’s time to queue the anthems and begin planning with some World Cup party ideas to get you in the mood for a soccer celebration. If you’re looking to just host a viewing party, you can incorporate some of these World Cup party ideas too!

Here are 19 soccer party ideas to celebrate a World Cup party in 2023:

Hire World Cup Party Entertainment

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Surely you’ll want a beverage while watching the game? With the help of a bartender, you can create a soccer-inspired drinks menu that pays homage to some of your favorite stars of past and present as well as famous soccer sayings. For this, I’m thinking Panenka Colada, David Gin-ola, Tyler “Samuel” Adams, and Scotch McTominay. The list can run and run!

Find a Bartender

Face Painters

If you’ve ever watched the World Cup, you’ll always see images of fans wearing face paint. Here, you can hire a professional face painter to display the flag of your chosen country, a classic soccer saying, or whatever you see fit!

To make things more interesting, you could get the face painter to paint a random flag after which you have to ask questions and guess the country.

Find a Face Painter

Cover Band

Similar to a music playlist but much more real. A cover band can play some favorite soccer tunes and other songs that remind you of the game. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, nothing beats music. This is sure to boost the energy levels, reaching unrivaled heights by any other World Cup party.

Find a Cover Band


Now, picture this. You walk into your party and you have to double-take for a second. Is Clint Dempsey, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi doing a shot of tequila at the bar? Is that Mia Hamm raising a glass?

There are many lookalikes to be found and they can appear at your party for an extra sense of fun and amusem*nt. Not only that, just imagine the pictures you can take and look back on in years to come.

Find an Impersonator

A World Cup Party Venue

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Sports Bar

It’s the obvious choice but a great one. With a sports bar, you’re most likely going to get plenty of screens for the game, a professional sound system, a full-service bar, lighting fixtures, and much more. You can also decorate the bar to match the world cup theme. However, chances are that the bar owns some soccer-themed decor already, which will be handy!


A more affordable option but still just as fun, your backyard (or local soccer field) can host an amazing party. If you’re lucky enough to have the space, your backyard could be the perfect and more homey setting for a world cup extravaganza. You may also have room for your own party games with your guests!


Possibly one of the grandest of choices, a theater gives soccer the dramatic setting it deserves. Here, you can host loads of friends and family and watch the big game on a massive screen, complete with a surround-sound system to die for. A truly epic choice in my opinion.

More Soccer Party Ideas

Creative Details

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Soccer and music are synonymous. Whether it’s chanting from the terraces or a World Cup anthem, it gets us in the mood for the big game. At your party, you can create your own World Cup playlist that features all the best soccer tunes and World Cup songs of yesteryear.

Some of our personal favorites include “We Are One (Ole Ole)” by Pitbull, “Waka Waka” by Shakira, “Three Lions” by Baddiel and Skinner, “Carnaval de Paris” by Dario G, and “World in Motion” by New Order.

A Referee

The referee is an integral part of the beautiful game and can also be the same for your party! The referee can ensure that everyone at the party is playing by the rules you set. This could be making sure that they have a beverage in hand, enough dips and snacks, or whatever you wish.

If the laws of the game are being broken, it’s a yellow card. Red cards can result in sin-bins or perhaps a shot of the referee’s choice.

Costume Party

For me, this is a must. What’s a World Cup party without dressing up as your heroes from World Cups gone by? This is a great chance for guests to get creative and express their love for their favorite players.

What’s more, just think about the photos! It’s not often you get Pele, Paul Gascoigne, Megan Rapinoe, Johan Cruyff, and Mark Lawrenson in the same room.

Five-a-Side Games

In honor of the World Cup, you can host your very own international tournament! This is great if you have a big open space or backyard to play five vs five. Depending on the number of people, you can split off into multiple teams and each be designated a nation to represent.


This is a bit of an obvious one but a must-do. This is a chance to make your party a colorful and inviting atmosphere in which everyone is welcome. For party supplies, you can decorate your setting with overhead flags, soccer balls galore, and even iconic images from previous editions of the World Cup.

Another added bonus couple be props with phrases, especially if you’re planning on having a photographer or photo booth. The props can have classic soccer phrases on them such as “shoot!”, “I believe”, and “USA!”

Foosball Table

A foosball table could be a great alternative to a real life five-a-side tournament if you don’t have the room. On the flipside, you can always have both so there’s extra entertainment for all of your guests. A foosball table takes up minimum space and provides hours of endless fun.

Soccer Party Food Ideas

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I’m thinking along the lines of Super Bowl Sunday but converted into the world of soccer. What better way to gear up for the game than a massive spread of your favorite snacks? This cost-effective choice is wise if you’re trying to keep the budget down and allows guests to nibble as they please.

World Cuisine

Similar to the buffet option but with an international twist. In honor of the World Cup and the coming together of so many cultures, why not celebrate that through food? You can have a plethora of snacks and dishes that pay homage to cuisine from all four corners of the globe. From Mexican to Asian as well as Middle-Eastern delicacies, the choices are endless.

Footy Scran

A term that has been popularized by British soccer fans, footy scran is a term used to describe the food that soccer clubs serve. You can customize your own menu with dishes inspired by your favorite teams from Major League Soccer, Premier League, Bundesliga, and so on.

Such dishes include Currywurst, butter chicken and rice, steak and ale pie, and chicken tikka naan and garlic fries.

Soccer Party Drink Ideas

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Beers From Around the World

To bring your drinks menu to life, why not offer a selection of beers from countries participating in the World Cup? Of course, this depends on which are available based on your location but most stores will offer many beverages from Europe, Asia, and so on.

We would recommend a few like Carling (England), Heiniken (Netherlands), Becks (Germany), Estrella Damm (Spain), Asahi (Japan), and Corona (Mexico).

Penalty Shot-out

Why not blend a penalty shoot-out with a drinking game? You can take part in a penalty shoot-out with an added sense of pressure. For every penalty kick that is missed, the other team or person has to take a shot.

If shots aren’t your thing, you can personalize the forfeit to whatever you see fit.

Soccer Slushies

Who doesn’t love a slushy? This is a great option if you want both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at your party. To give them a soccer twist, you can coordinate the colors of your slushy to match the flags of the countries participating.

Over the years, the World Cup has given us some of the greatest and most controversial moments in this beautiful game. Maradona’s “hand of god”, Zidane’s headbutt, Rudi" Völler’s mullet, Megan Rapinoe leading the US to successive victories, the list goes on and on. What better way to pay homage to this extraordinary competition than with your own World Cup party?

Find more party ideas and inspiration here on The Bash.

19 Soccer Party Ideas for a World Cup Party (2024)


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