21 Stunning Suggestions For an Oval Engagement Ring (2024)


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With an elongated appearance that makes diamonds appear bigger than they truly are, oval rings are a popular choice for couples who want the most bang for their buck.

21 Stunning Suggestions For an Oval Engagement Ring (2)

If your significant other dreams of wearing an oval engagement ring but you’re unsure about the possible settings and band shapes, don’t sweat it!

Learn all about oval engagement rings by reading our guide here at YeahWeddings!

What Is Oval Cut Jewelry?

21 Stunning Suggestions For an Oval Engagement Ring (3)

A diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan introduced the modern shape for an oval engagement ring in 1957.

In recent years, oval cut engagement rings have become a favorite among celebrities like Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, and Kate Middleton.

Oval engagement rings are also known for creating a bow-tie effect.This dark faceted pattern is a result of light being unable to reflect properly due to the diamond shape.

Ring Settings

If the most important woman in your life gravitates towards the timeless allure of an engagement ring with an oval shape, don’t hesitate to personalize it as a reflection of her distinct style!

Get familiar with the ring mountings that are available for oval cut diamonds!


Who wouldn’t want an engagement ring crafted with pave gemstones? It’ll be hard for your fiance to not stare at this dreamy oval cut diamond for hours on end!


If your romantic partner is all about glitz and glamour, she’ll love nothing more than this eye-catching oval shaped diamond ring. This ballerina design has so many lovable details!


With a semi-bezel setting, this oval engagement ring screams timeless beauty. She can definitely count on having sparkles for days when wearing this statement piece.


When it comes to picking an oval diamond ring, a hover setting will certainly do the trick for a loved one who is anything but ordinary! There’s nothing else quite like this precious gemstone!


Elevate the appearance of her matrimonial accessory by customizing it with an east-west setting. These oval shaped engagement rings are simple but demanding of everybody’s attention!


What isn’t there to love about an oval diamond engagement ring set with a monolith setting? The glorious brilliance of this stunner will be impossible for anyone in her vicinity to overlook!


Take the most important lady in your life over the moon by popping the question with signet jewelry. She’ll surely feel your love and appreciation after receiving this oval stone ring.


When faced with all of the options for a marriage token, don’t be afraid to consider a stunning design with crowned decorations. Your significant other won’t be able to get enough of wearing this oval diamond engagement ring!

Ring Shapes

The possibilities for a ring with oval diamond cuts may seem overwhelming, but have no fear!

We’re here to help with our curated list of oval shaped engagement rings with a classic profile!


Plan the perfect proposal by purchasing a split-shank piece of jewelry. There’s nothing typical or boring about the brilliant cut diamonds of these oval engagement rings!


What could be more memorable than an oval diamond engagement ring set that resembles a butterfly? This marriage token certainly hits the nail if your future spouse has dropped the hint about wanting to host a garden espousal.

Trinity Knot

Trinity knots aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon as a meaningful and beautiful design among oval cut engagement rings. It’s safe to say that your loved one will cherish this Celtic accessory for the months to come!


Think outside of the box by choosing a roped engagement band for your marriage proposal. As an uncommon ring shape for oval diamonds with exceptional brilliance, you won’t have to worry about your romantic partner thinking that your choice is trite.


Take your relationship to the next level by asking her to be your wife with this oval engagement ring. The twig decorations of this statement piece feel like a dream for a bride who has her heart set on a forest wedding celebration.

Criss Cross

A criss-cross shape is such a refreshing take on the traditional kinds of jewelry that are given out during marriage proposals. These elongated cut diamonds are truly a piece of art that has yet to go out of style.

Other Gemstones

When people are searching for a possibility, they tend to limit themselves to a classic diamond band. Just know that you don’t have to settle for these precious gemstones!

Explore the different kinds of jewels that are used in oval cut engagement rings!


Who says you can’t substitute an oval diamond engagement ring with an emerald one? This alternative gemstone might not be a favorite for every bride, but proves to be nothing short of extraordinary.


Nothing says drama quite like a garnet oval engagement ring. The most important woman in your life will be obsessed with showing off this stunning choice to everyone that she knows!


When most people are shopping for oval engagement rings, they usually don’t consider one with an onyx centerpiece. The magnificent black color never gets old for a bride with gothic style!


If your fiance would prefer a shade of blue that is deeper than aquamarine, sapphire becomes the way to go. This oval engagement ring is hard to beat for a romantic partner who wants to exchange her vows during a beach wedding celebration.


Break the mold for oval shaped engagement rings by purchasing one made with amethyst. This purple gemstone feels so romantic in the best possible way!


Cater to your loved one’s celestial style by choosing a moonstone accessory instead of an oval diamond engagement ring. She’ll never grow tired of telling the closest people in her life about this matrimonial token!


Go from timeless to avant-garde by picking an oval engagement ring infused with amber. Your betrothal snapshots will stand out from the crowd because of this unique piece of jewelry!

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21 Stunning Suggestions For an Oval Engagement Ring (4)

Lauren Peterson

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21 Stunning Suggestions For an Oval Engagement Ring (2024)


What should I look for in an oval engagement ring? ›

Choose a stone with Excellent polish and Excellent symmetry to ensure lots of sparkle. A diamond's depth percentage and table percentage are also crucial when it comes to a diamond's beauty and sparkle. Look for oval-cut diamonds with a depth percentage between 58-62% and a table percentage between 53-63%.

What does an oval engagement ring say about you? ›

The oval shape is a modified version of the classic round brilliant cut, offering a unique and elongated appearance. The symbolism associated with oval engagement rings is similar to that of a round one, representing eternal love and commitment.

What is the most popular engagement ring shape right now? ›

With that extensive knowledge of diamond trends, we give you this year's top diamond shape trends... 1. Round- Still takes the top spot. According to GIA, more than 60% of couples choose a round diamond for their center stone.

What is the most popular oval diamond ratio? ›

Oval diamonds are available in ratios (length divided by width) from 1.30 to 1.60, with the most popular between 1.30 to 1.45.

How many prongs should an oval engagement ring have? ›

Though emerald-cut diamonds are usually rectangular, four prongs are used for their settings. Similar to the princess cut, great caution should be taken to protect the edges. Oval diamonds require six prong settings in order to keep the long shape safe. Three prongs hold one end while three hold the other end.

What side stones look best with oval diamond? ›

For an oval, my personal favorite side stones are half moons and tapered baguettes. For a radiant and cushion cut, you want to go with brilliant cut trapezoids or tapered baguettes. Half moons are ideal for a more rounded look, and brilliant cut epaulettes add a nice geometric look.

Is an oval engagement ring good? ›

“Oval engagement rings exude elegance. The classic and distinct elongated shape has a timeless sophistication.” Sarah explains “ while round diamonds are a more traditional choice, the oval shape is distinctive, it has an appeal to those who seek something slightly different yet undeniably elegant.”

Are oval cut diamonds more expensive? ›

Price of Oval vs. Round Diamonds. Due to their high demand, round cut diamonds are generally 10% to as much as 30% more expensive than oval diamonds in a side-by-side exact quality comparison. This cost difference is mostly due to the much higher demand of round diamonds.

Is oval engagement ring timeless? ›

An oval diamond engagement ring will look great with any setting, from vintage to modern, and it's not hard to see why. “Ovals are timeless for a very good reason!

What is the most classy diamond shape? ›

Round Brilliant Cut: Renowned for its symmetrical shape and exceptional brilliance, the round brilliant cut features 58 facets designed to maximise light reflection and refraction. Its timeless elegance makes it the most popular choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry.

What diamond cut is the prettiest? ›

The best cut for a diamond, as far as sparkle goes, is the brilliant round cut.

What is the most expensive shape ring? ›

It's the beautiful, classic round diamond. Round brilliant cut diamonds are easily the most expensive diamond shape. In part, that's because round is the most popular diamond shape.

What is the perfect oval ratio? ›

To achieve the perfect oval shape we recommend a length to width ratio between 1.35 to 1.50. The diamond can be prone to the bow-tie effect, where a dark area shaped like a bow-tie may appear at the centre of the stone.

What is the best cut size for an oval diamond? ›

Preferences vary on how narrow or fat an oval cut diamond should be, so choose what appeals to you personally (though a length to width ratio of 1.35 - 1.50 is considered the classic oval cut). A slightly thinner cut may look most appealing in a setting where the diamond is flanked by side stones.

Do oval diamonds sparkle less? ›

Oval-cut diamonds are still very sparkly – they're just not as sparkly as the round-cut. It's important to note that oval-cut diamonds do not receive a cut grade from most grading laboratories, including the GIA. Only round-cut diamonds will receive a cut grade.

Is oval a good shape for engagement ring? ›

There's a reason ovals are so popular. They look bigger, cost less than a round brilliant, and are more flattering on your finger. They also pack quite the sparkly punch.

What makes a good oval diamond? ›

A classic oval shape typically has a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5. Click here to see an example of a beautiful Oval with an Ideal L/W ratio. The quality of the cut is crucial, as it affects the diamond's brilliance and symmetry – a well-cut oval diamond should display even light distribution and minimal bow-tie effect.

What is the advantage of an oval engagement ring? ›

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Make Fingers Look More Slender

Because an oval is an elongated shape, oval diamond engagement rings give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. So, if you're seeking elegance, you've found it! Those with long, thin fingers will also love how an oval compliments their finger.


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