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February 10, 2024

Active women want an engagement ring that fits into their lifestyle and looks gorgeous on your hand, and our guide will show you how to achieve both. We'll start by looking at various durable materials, settings, and gemstones before diving into how to help your ring last.


Durable Materials Setting Styles Gemstone Choices Low-Profile Designs Ring Band Considerations Ring Maintenance Budget Considerations

Durable Materials

To help your ring last during your active daily activities, you'll want to select metals that are durable. Two strong, durable metals are platinum and titanium. Platinum is highly durable and robust, so it can withstand being worn daily for active women. It also resists extreme cold and heat, so it will look fantastic for years to come. Titanium is also extremely strong and lightweight, which helps promote an active lifestyle.

You can also select other alloy metals that are durable enough to withstand daily wear and activities. Pure gold is too malleable to be strong on its own, so it's combined with other metals (silver, copper, and zinc) to make it stronger. Different alloys produce different colored metals, such as yellow, white, and yellow gold.

Setting Styles

You can select settings that are better for active lifestyles and will keep your diamond safe and secure. One is the bezel setting engagement ring because it provides protection. This type of setting completely surrounds the gemstone's edges to offer protection against chipping and any other damage.

Tension settings are modern-looking engagement ring styles that are also durable because the center stone has little chance of falling out. Tension securely holds the center stone within a gap in the metal shank. If you look closely within the gap, tiny grooves are cut into the metal to add extra security for the center stone. The pressure from either side of the metal band helps hold the stone snuggly as well.

Gemstone Choices

Diamonds are extremely hard, so they're durable and robust enough to last, and they're a gemstone that's less prone to damage. You'll see diamond engagement rings in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you'll have to figure out what diamond works best for you.

You can also consider a colored gemstone as the center stone or within the band, but you'll want to select a strong, durable stone. Sapphires and rubies are both 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale and can work well in an engagement ring.

Low-Profile Designs

Flush settings work well for active lifestyles because the center stone is less likely to become dislodged and lost. The center stone is embedded in the ring, making the stone more secure and ready for your plans. The stone won't get caught or knocked on anything because the stone is tucked into the band. You can also look for a setting with an innovative design - this ring looks like a solitaire but has a flush-fit shank

Another consideration for active lifestyles is to look for snag-free engagement ring designs. That way, it won't get caught on anything or banged up and damaged. Look for lower-profile and smoother settings rather than having a center stone elevated from the ring.

Ring Band Considerations

Look for more rounded bands, typically called comfort fit bands , so they're more comfortable when participating in physical activities. You can also look for adjustable bands that can cater to any changes in finger size from temperature or physical activity. Working with your hands can make your fingers swell, which could make your ring fit more snuggly.

Ring Maintenance

When you're active, you need to be proactive by checking your ring for any signs of wear and tear so that you don't lose any of the stones in your ring. If you feel like you damaged your ring, take it to a jeweler so they can check it. It's also recommended to have the jeweler check your ring about once a year to ensure the setting securely holds your stones in place. Clean your ring periodically to keep your ring sparkling and to remove any dirt and grime within the setting.

Budget Considerations

If you're wondering how these aspects impact your budget, keep in mind that you have ways to stretch your budget. Consider lab grown diamonds because they're more affordable and come with the added benefits of being ethically sourced and sustainable. Modern men and women are drawn to the added benefits, and lab diamonds will continue to grow in popularity. You can also look at the price of metals to determine what works best for your budget. Some metals, such as platinum, cost more than gold because they're more rare and heavier. You can find settings and stones that meet your budget and fit your active lifestyle. Still unsure? Speak to the experts at With Clarity today!


If you lead an active lifestyle, you'll want to choose a durable metal that can last. You'll also want to consider the setting style to ensure it doesn't snag anything or get damaged. Bezel and tension settings and low-profile and flush mountings work well.

Consider the durability of the center stone as well. Rubies, sapphires, and diamonds are hard enough for an active lifestyle.

Finally, determine your budget and find an engagement ring that will suit your lifestyle. And if you want a bigger diamond center stone, you can select a lab grown diamond to get it within your budget. You have plenty of options and will find the ring that's perfect for you.

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Engagement Rings Concepts:

Durable Materials

To ensure the longevity of an engagement ring for active women, it is essential to select durable materials. Platinum and titanium are two strong and durable metals suitable for daily wear. Platinum is highly robust and resistant to extreme conditions, making it an excellent choice for active lifestyles. Titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties, also promotes an active lifestyle. Additionally, alloy metals can be selected for their durability, with different combinations producing various colored metals such as yellow, white, and rose gold .

Setting Styles

Selecting the right setting style is crucial for active lifestyles. The bezel setting provides protection by completely surrounding the gemstone's edges, offering defense against chipping and damage. Tension settings, characterized by modern-looking styles, securely hold the center stone within a gap in the metal shank, providing extra security for the stone. These settings are ideal for active individuals as they minimize the risk of damage to the gemstone.

Gemstone Choices

For active lifestyles, durable and robust gemstones are essential. Diamonds, known for their hardness and durability, are less prone to damage, making them an ideal choice for engagement rings. Additionally, colored gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, which rank high on the Mohs hardness scale, are suitable options for active lifestyles.

Low-Profile Designs

Low-profile designs, such as flush settings, are well-suited for active lifestyles as they reduce the likelihood of the center stone becoming dislodged. These designs embed the center stone into the ring, making it more secure and less susceptible to catching on objects. Snag-free engagement ring designs are also recommended to prevent damage during physical activities.

Ring Band Considerations

When selecting a ring band for an engagement ring, it is advisable to opt for more rounded bands, commonly known as comfort fit bands, for enhanced comfort during physical activities. Additionally, adjustable bands can accommodate changes in finger size due to temperature or physical activity, ensuring a comfortable fit at all times.

Ring Maintenance

Active individuals should proactively maintain their engagement rings by regularly checking for signs of wear and tear. Periodic cleaning and inspection by a jeweler are recommended to ensure that the setting securely holds the stones in place. This proactive approach helps to prevent the loss of stones and maintains the ring's sparkle.

Budget Considerations

For those considering budget constraints, options such as lab-grown diamonds provide a more affordable yet ethically sourced and sustainable alternative. Additionally, considering the price of metals, such as platinum and gold, can help individuals find settings and stones that align with their budget while meeting the demands of an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, selecting a durable metal, choosing the right setting style, considering the durability of the center stone, and factoring in budget considerations are essential steps in finding the perfect engagement ring for an active lifestyle.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask!

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Rings for the Active Woman | With Clarity (2024)


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