F2P OSRS/Wiki Changelog (2024)

F2P OSRS Changelog

May 29, 2024

Project Rebalance: Combat Changes

Elemental Weaknesses
- For every point of Elemental Weakness an NPC has, spells of that element will gain +1% Accuracy and +1% Damage. For example, if you cast Fire Wave on an NPC who's got a 50% Fire Weakness (Moss Giant), you'll gain 50% bonus Accuracy and Damage.

Elemental Spell Scaling
- Your max hit with elemental spells (Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, and Surge) will now scale to the highest level spell you have unlocked. For example, at 13 Magic, Wind Strike will have a max hit of 8.

Ranged Defence Types
- Ranged Defence for NPCs is being split into three categories: Light, Standard, and Heavy. However, no F2P NPC's have been affected so far.

- Reduced the Prayer drain rate for Thick Skin, Burst of Strength and Clarity of Thoughts, Sharp Eye and Mystic Will from 5 to 1.67 points per minute. Effectively, they should drain at a third of the speed they used to.
- Sharp Eye and Burst of Strength now boost your Ranged and Strength by 1 level respectively, if those levels are lower than 20.
- Mystic Might: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 2%.

- Attacking an NPC with auto-cast enabled no longer incurs an extra 0.6s delay. This has been requested for absolutely ages, all that's left now is to figure out what you're going to do with all the extra time you'll have!

Read more about it in theofficial update post

May 24, 2024

- Increased Clue Geode rates across the board.
- Removed the delay when casting Telekinetic Grab and Bones to Peaches/Bananas. This applies across the entire game.
- Any player that completed or started the Easter 2024 event will unlock the 'Sunny Side Up' music track upon their next login.
- Christmas Crackers are now more generous and less random, allowing players to wish for a specific colour Party Hat and trinket. In addition, both you and your friend will receive prizes!

April 10, 2024

- Reduced respawn timers for most NPCs in the Wilderness to 9 seconds. Notable ones for F2P are Ankou, Chaos Dwarf, and Bandits.

February 7, 2024

- Muddy chest loot table changes where the mithril dagger, anchovy pizza, and coins were removed from the loot table. The number of looted mithril bars and runes was increased.

November 1, 2023

Forestry Tweaks & Security

- Jagex Account holders are now eligible to claim Fancier Boots from the Stronghold of Security.
- Count Check, a new random event, has been enabled. He'll pop up occasionally and offer an XP Lamp to players who are using a Jagex account.
- Forester's campfires can no longer be created without using logs.
- Chance to spawn Forestry events now correctly caps at 10 players, as opposed to practically guaranteeing a chance on every roll in mass worlds.

Read more about it in theofficial update post

October 25, 2023

Forestry: Part Two

- Campfires
- Friendly Ent Event
- New collection log slot (Felling axe handle)

Shooting Star changes

- Crashed stars will now only spawn sizes 6 to 9, with updated chances of spawning for each.
- The total time of each "wave" of stars has been reduced from ~128 minutes to ~90 minutes.
- Crashed stars now consistently deplete at a rate of 7 minutes for each layer it has.
- Mining experience gained when acquiring stardust has been changed to be 32 for all star sizes.
- The skilling success rate whilst mining crashed stars is now identical for all star sizes.
- Clue geodes are once again obtainable from crashed stars.
- Random events and the dwarf multicannon can no longer occur and be placed within the vicinity of a landing site.

Read more about it in theofficial update post

October 2, 2023

Receiving clue geodes from crashed stars has been disabled in an effort to help server performance.

September 20, 2023

Crashed stars no longer deplete faster when more people are mining them.

Certain holiday items now have -100 Combat bonuses, allowing them to behave as splash weaponry (unable to deal any damage).

Here are the changed items:
- Cursed Goblin Hammer
- Easter 2020 Carrot Sword
- Halloween 2016 Hunting Knife
- Christmas 2022 Nutcracker Staff

August 23, 2023

Random events with costume rewards would commonly give 500 coins to a player who already had the full outfit. They now give XP lamps instead of those coins which are identical to the Genie's lamp (this does not apply to the Beekeeper random event). The Quizmaster's Mystery Box and Prison Pete may give such a lamp instead of coins too.

July 12, 2023

- Random events no longer occur in range of forestry events.
- The magical tree root now changes locations more frequently during the Rising Roots event.

July 5, 2023

Forestry feedback changes (nerfs)

Read more about it in theofficial update post

June 29, 2023

Forestry hotfixes

- Players will no longer receive the final drop of experience at the end of the Struggling Sapling event if they are not logged into the world when it starts.
- Players who are not logged into the world when the Rising Roots event starts will now receive reduced rewards.

Read more about it in theofficial update post

June 28, 2023

Forestry: Way of the Forester - Part One Release

- Trees will now despawn on a timer that activates after the first cut and regenerates if players stop cutting the tree.
- Multiple players chopping the same tree will now receive an invisible Woodcutting bonus which scales with the number of players, up to a maximum of 10.
- Forestry Kits are now available from the Forestry Shop by talking to the Friendly Forester in Draynor Village for 150 gp.
- Two Forestry events occur in F2P (Rising Roots and Struggling Sapling).
- Players could temporarily obtain leaves (members item) after successful completion of the Forestry events in F2P. This was hotfixed and is no longer possible.

Read more about it in theofficial update post

June 22, 2023

Crack The Clue 3 was solved, allowing for easy access to ruby rings and adding new outfit pieces.

Find out more about it fromthe OSRS Wiki

March 21, 2023

The grey, teal, yellow, purple and red boots sold in Barkers' Haberdashery are no longer members-only items, for consistency with the gloves from the same Canifis shop.

Feb 16, 2023

New PVP Arena (Duel Arena) design gives an Al Kharid stat restore. If you challenge someone, then run out once placed inside the duel area, you spawn in the same spot as before but with restored stats.

Read more about it in theofficial update post

Dec 6, 2022

"The random cycle delay has been removed from a variety of Mining sources."

Nov 30, 2022

Charlie the Tramp will now accept items sourced from anywhere.

Nov 16, 2022

The sandwich lady now has a 1/64 chance of giving a stale baguette in place of a baguette when offered.

May 18, 2022

The daily buy limit of 100 teleport cards from Diango's shop has been removed

Read more about it in theofficial update post

May 11, 2022

- Bryophyta's Staff is now a free-to-play item
- Mossy and Giants' Keys are now stackable
- The delay after using essence on a Runecraft Altar has been removed

Read more about it in theofficial update post

March 9, 2022

Removal of 3t mining with a kicking alt due to the way the PJ Timer now interrupts certain skilling activities

Read more about it in theofficial update post

May 26, 2021

Clans Full Launch

May 19, 2021

Clans Soft Launch

May 5, 2021

Game Room tables have been added to pubs in game, three of them are located in Free to Play. You can find these at
- The Blue Moon Inn (Varrock)
- The Rising Sun (Falador)
- South-West of the Grand Exchange (Varrock)

The Smithing XP gained from Barronite has been increased from 10 to 30.

The maximum quantities of fish you can select for processing in Camdozaal have been corrected.

To view all the details please view theGames Room Tables and Fishing Skill Boss Improvementsnews post.

April 28, 2021

The Barronite Mace now has a Strength bonus of +40 and an anti-Golem bonus of 15%, as mentioned in the original newspost. This was increased from the previous +36 Strength Bonus and 5% anti-Golem bonus.

This now makes the Barronite Mace better than the Rune Sword in any typical scenario, and better than the Rune Scimitar against Golems.

April 21, 2021

A small number of Ice Mountain Dungeon changes/fixes have been made as well as equipment rebalances. You can find detailed information on theFishing Trawler Improvements and Equipment Rebalance: Part Onenews post.

- Golems now drop Noted Rune Essence
- The Camdozaal Collection Log tab will now turn green when the player has completed the collection
- The Collection Log now displays totals correctly since new items within Camdozaal were added
- A small fishing net has been placed within the ruins

- Medium Helmets - Ranged Attack stats have been increased from -1 to 0
- Full Helmets - Ranged Attack stats have been reduced from -2 to -3
- Platelegs/Plateskirts - Ranged Attack stats have been reduced from -7 to -11
- Platebodies - Ranged Attack stats have been reduced from -10 to -15
- Squareshields - Ranged Attack stats have been increased from -2 to 0
- Kiteshields - Ranged Attack stats have been reduced from -2 to -3
- Warhammers - Now require Strength to wield instead of Attack
- Maces - Attack rate has been decreased from 5 to 4

April 14, 2021

A new F2P quest "Below Ice Mountain" has been released, allowing you to access the new Ice Mountain Dungeon with 3 new skilling activites, Mining/Smithing, Fishing/Cooking/Prayer, and Combat/Runecrafting. The update also introduces the Barronite mace, a weapon with a 10% damage bonus to golems in the dungeon.

You can find more information, including various changes to experience rates on theoffical update post

December 2, 2020

Full helm and boot rewards have been added to Castle Wars. Each tier of helms costs 5, 50 or 500 tickets, while each tier of boots costs 4, 40 or 400 tickets.

Due to theDecorative boots (gold)providing +1 strength bonus, these boots allow new for a new max hit in certain circ*mstances.

November 18, 2020

Skull Sceptre pieces can be converted to multiple Bone Fragments using a chisel. These can then be used to charge your imbued Sceptre. Bone Fragments are tradable with a G.E limit of 100 per four hours.

F2P OSRS/Wiki Changelog (1)

The Beekeeper outfit is now obtainable as rewards from the Beekeeper random event!

You can find more information about the Bone Fragments and the Beekeeper outfit on the official update post

June 25, 2020

New death mechanics
Ultimate ironmen can now retrieve their items after dying in instanced areas (Obor, Bryophyta)

April 8, 2020

Moss giants in the Wilderness now apparently have a 1/100 chance to drop a Mossy Key (actual rate is 1/60)

January 29, 2020

An "Explore" emote can now be unlocked after completing 600 beginner clues

September 5, 2019

Snare is now F2P
Protect from Magic no longer halves freeze times in PvP

August 29, 2019

Last Man Standing has been updated, including rewards

July 25, 2019?

Hop limit has been removed until further notice.

Notably buffs:
- boneyard XP/h
- nature rune tele-grab
- selling/buying from stores, etc.

July 11, 2019

Splashing in Lumbridge no longer grants Magic XP.

June 27, 2019

- Additional options for Clan Wars
- Killing the player or NPC that teleblocks you now removes the teleblock effect.

June 6, 2019

Teleblock is now Free-to-play.

April 18, 2019

Beginner clues now also drop from the following monsters:
- Obor, Bryophyta: 100% drop chance
- Hill giants, moss giants, ice giants
- Muggers, dwarves, skeletons, hobgoblins

April 11, 2019

Beginner clues have been released.

February 22 2019

Ring of forging is now F2P

February 07 2019

New F2P Quest: X Marks the Spot

January 24 2019

PvP boxing mechanic change:
DMM anti-boxing mechanics moved to live game (wilderness and pvp worlds); players can now attack other players who have been splashing for a certain amount of time.

December 06 2018

- Collection Log
- Some F2P worlds taken out
- PvP safe zone changes:
When entering a safe zone in PvP Worlds while in combat with another player, you and your opponent will now be able to continue fighting for an extra 6 seconds while in the safe zone.

November 29, 2018

Spellbook filters

November 15, 2018

Edgeville furnace now F2P
- Now the F2P meta instead of Al Kharid furnace

October 30, 2018

- Global release of Old School Runescape Mobile app
- sh*tton of new skill total and regular F2P worlds

October 11, 2018

Zoom distance increased

September 27, 2018

Left click Withdraw-X from bank

September 13, 2018

Left click range cooking

July 5, 2018

New F2P worlds: 118 (NA West), 119 (NA West, 500 skill total), 124 (Aus)

May 3, 2018

New Moss Giant boss: Bryophyta
- Notable drops: rune bars, rune sq shield
- No meta changes due to overwhelming ogress drops

Antipoison is now F2P
- Made at apothecary with cadava berry + limpwurt root

Apr 5, 2018

New F2P PvP world 417
- Notable F2P meta changes: less crowded training areas (ogresses, mines) and better anti-crashing
- new fastest banking method: lumbridge teleport in pvp worlds to the bank chest
- possibility of body/tiara rc using an alt to suicide and respawn at Edgeville, with same rates as solo earth tiara rc and better xp rates for ironmen (untested)
- possibility of easier 3-tick methods with an Event RPG kicking alt?

Dec 7, 2017

New monsters in Corsair Cove: Ogress warrior and Ogress shaman
- Notable drops: Nature/law/death runes, Rune med/full helm, Rune battleaxe, Shaman mask
- Completely changed F2P IM/HC/UIM EHP due to drops and gp; decent combat gp for regs

New area/quest: Corsair Cove, with resource areas (Yew, Maple, Adamantite, Coal, Swordfish, Lobster) and a bank
- Everything is obsolete for efficient skilling, but Maple trees are notably now F2P

Nov 16, 2017

Buy-50: interface improvements for shops
- Notably improves F2P IM/HC/UIM buying arrows

Oct 19, 2017

Make-All: interface improvements for smithing, cooking, and crafting
- Notably changes IM/HC/UIM EHP cooking to 3.5 tick instead of 3 tick; Reg EHP and wines are unaffected

July 20, 2017

Castle Wars released to F2P, Zamorak robes are now F2P drops from Monks of Zamorak
- Castle wars dead 3 weeks after release
- Zamorak robe (bottom) new best-in-slot F2P magic gear

June 22, 2017

Mining Guild Expansion: 4 iron rocks and ore shop added to Mining Guild
- New F2P IM/HC smithing EHP due to proximity of iron ore

May 25, 2017

World map added ingame

May 18, 2017

Imbue Skull Sceptre: sceptre will not break at 0 charges, sceptre pieces will recharge it
- Each skull sceptre piece is worth 3 charges: notably speeds up RC when combined with falador teleport for banking; not EHP but good alternative for those who AFK combats
- Must keep 2-factor Authentication on; imbued skull sceptre is lost on death

Mar 9, 2017

Energy potions released to F2P, made through Apothecary with 2 limpwurt roots and 1 chocolate dust

Mar 2, 2017

Wine of Zamorak spawn at level 35 wilderness Chaos Altar
- Notably increased deep wilderness activity

Jan 26, 2017

New F2P quest: Misthalin Mystery
- No requirements
- Notable rewards: uncut sapphire, uncut emerald, uncut ruby, 1 quest point

Nov 10, 2016

New Game Mode: Hardcore Ironman
- Account will turn into normal, grayhelm Ironman after non-safe-minigame death

Oct 6, 2016

New F2P boss: Obor, accessible with Giant key (Hill Giant droprate of 1/128 or 1/64 in wildy)
- Notable drops: Hill giant club, Rune kiteshield, Rune full helm for ironmen

Sep 22, 2016

F2P Skill total worlds: 381 (500+), 385 (750+)

Aug 4, 2016

New safe minigame: Last man standing
- Battle royale with equalized stats (and no xp gain) and randomized loot
- Notably adds a gp "bank" for UIM, with the coffer that stores unlimited gp
- Dead currently

F2P Wiki Changelog

v1.7.8 July 9, 2024

Melee order fixes, thanks Tannerdino! Also added Minotaur level 12 to the DPS calc.
Melee Order Page

v1.7.7 May 25, 2024

F2P Wiki EHP rates have been minorly updated for all account types. You can find more details in theReddit post, or by going to theEHP page

v1.7.6 June 26, 2023

Fixed up the Links and added skilling methods to its own area that bottom of the page

v1.7.5 June 25, 2023

Added a Monster Ratio Calculator where helps calculate the minimum number of ogress (or monster1), needed to reach their goals

v1.7.4 February 22, 2023

Add Bryo staff to DPS calc, minor content/format fixes

v1.7.3 February 3, 2023

Minor changes to the early EHP rates for reg attack and str and for ironman crafting and firemaking.

v1.7.2 November 16, 2022

All EHP rates now have video methods attached to them. You can view them on theEHP page

v1.7.1 November 10, 2022

F2P Wiki EHP rates have been majorly updated. You can find more details in theReddit post, or by going to theEHP page

Sadly, Unkie has parted ways from F2P Wiki. I (Say F2p Ult) will be managing everything from this point on.

v1.7.0 February 25, 2021


v1.6.8 December 6th, 2020

New F2P Wiki logo and Christmas banner created and designed byF2p Ello

v1.6.7 October 31, 2020

Upgrade to Rails

v1.6.6 August 1, 2020

New EHP rates released: Regs and Ironmen

v1.6.5 July 18, 2020

F2P-only ranks

v1.6.4 December 5, 2019

LMS and Obor/Bryophyta KC hiscores

v1.6.3 September 21, 2019

- Non-combats hiscores fixed to be additive instead of subtractive from overall xp/lvl/ehp, which is actually buggy for some accounts.
- New feature to reset filters for ranks, tracking, and records
- New hiscores on players' lowest level
- New custom filter on 'active' players (players with any XP gained in the past month)

v1.6.2 July 6, 2019

99 and 200m count added to hiscores.

v1.6.1 April 28, 2019

- Upgrade to Rails 5.2.2
- Various bug fixes from v1.6.0
- Further code refactoring and prep for open-sourcing

v1.6.0 April 27, 2019

- EHP updates and bonus XP released, foundhere
- Code refactoring and improvements
- Preparations for open-sourcing

v1.5.3 April 13, 2019

- Compatibility with beginner clues hiscores.
- Internal tool for restoring tracking and records data for players from CrystalMathLabs.

v1.5.2 March 17, 2019

Release of Overall (no combats) hiscores

v1.5.1 February 16, 2019

Release of Time to Max hiscores

v1.5.0 December 2, 2018

Release of XP and EHP tracking and records
Various bug fixes, refactoring, and QoL
Calculators and Hall of Shame moved to Links. Competitions hidden.
We'll try to keep a better changelog :)

v1.2.3 ???

Minor fixes and refactoring: Do not display null combat levels

v1.2.2 July 14, 2018

Adding a player to hiscores only requires a name, and automatically finds the account type.
Searching should no longer redirect to URLs with IDs instead of player name.
Refactoring for code maintainability and readability, preparing for potential open sourcing.
Improved scroll background graphic for compare page.

v1.2.1 July 7, 2018

Fixes: Negative xp, level 1 HP for certain people leading to level 1 combat
Updated skill icons

v1.2.0 June 21, 2018

Combat Level hiscores

v1.1.9 June 20, 2018

June Gatherers EHP Competition framework

v1.1.8 June 10, 2018

Filter accounts by popular combat restrictions

v1.1.7 Apr 27, 2018

EHP Competition framework

v1.1.6 Apr 12, 2018

Update: DPS calcs now have custom attack and str bonus input
Fix: GP/XP calc will no longer split the comma for inactive items above 999 gp

v1.1.5 Mar 20, 2018

Players tied for 200m XP will now break ties using their official hiscores rank.
Player personal hiscores page layouts have been refactored and updated for those with custom images/text on their page.
Calculators layout improved as dropdown menu.

v1.1.4 Mar 19, 2018

Links to official OSRS hiscores and Crystalmathlabs now on each player's personal hiscores.

v1.1.3 Mar 12, 2018

Feature complete: High alch calc

v1.1.2 Mar 12, 2018

Feature complete: GP/XP calc

v1.1.1 Mar 10, 2018

Feature complete: Combat level calc

v1.1.0 Mar 10, 2018

Feature complete: Compare users

v1.0.9 Mar 5, 2018

Feature complete: EHP methods located below EHP rates
Fix: P2P minigames/clue scrolls are now accounted for.
Combat EHP rebalances

v1.0.8 Mar 4, 2018

Feature complete: Ranks on personal hiscore page (for each account type, from official OSRS hiscores)
No alt F2P EHP for regs is now in place.

v1.0.7 Mar 3, 2018

Feature complete: DPS Calculators for melee, ranged, and magic with PvP option
Feature complete: automatically refresh players with >500 EHP daily at midnight PST

v1.0.6 Feb 27, 2018

Fix: Search function fixed for names with "_", correct redirect for invalid names
Fix: Add player function fixed for invalid names

v1.0.5 Feb 20, 2018

In order to optimize site performance, we have limited our hiscores to players with 75+ EHP.
Feature complete: Add Player to database
Feature complete: Use player name as url, e.g. F2P.wiki/players/W385_Jr
Regs with ~600+ totals found

v1.0.4 Feb 18, 2018

Feature in progress: Mimick official OSRS hiscores

v1.0.3 Feb 12, 2018

Feature complete: limit # of players shown per page: 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500
Search player is now case-insensitive.
Refactoring: site and database query optimized for much faster response times
Security: debug mode off and stack trace hidden (thanks to xor eax eax for the notice)

v1.0.2 Feb 8, 2018

EHP updated for IM/HC/UIM due to ogresses and mining guild. View the full changes here.
The top 4000 F2P HC, UIM, and IM by total level have been added to the database.
Feature complete: Find player by name

v1.0.1 Feb 4, 2018

Layout changed: added Homepage, Useful Links, F2P Changelog, general styling

v1.0.0 Jan 30, 2018

Site publicly released
Feature added: About Us/Donations page, flairs for supporters

Old Changelog (before v1.0.0 public release)

F2P OSRS/Wiki Changelog (2024)


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