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Launch offer – Learn how to make an Easy Chocolate Bouquet

Learn to create your very own chocolate bouquet and give your gifting experiences a new edge. This tutorial demonstrates all the techniques you can use to assemble a chocolate bouquet in an easy way. Nearly all the materials and tools used are commonly available to buy from crafts stores too.

When it comes to being creative, the opportunities are endless. These tutorials give you the foundations to create a beautiful bouquet however it doesn’t stop there. We want you to use your creative imagination and add your own twist. This course is also available in The Wrap it Studio membership which has a huge library of other courses for you to access too.

Please see the description for more information on what this online course covers.

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Hey there! If you are visiting this page, it’s probably because you want to learn how to make an easy chocolate bouquet. Well this online tutorial will show you how to assemble a chocolate bouquet in an easy way from the comfort of your own home. You can use it to make gifts for friends and family or create them to sell on as a business. It gives an in depth, step by step guide on how to easily construct a chocolate bouquet. The theme for this tutorial is for Valentine’s Day but the techniques are applicable for most types of themes and chocolate types.

What is included in the How to make an Easy Chocolate Bouquet course?

Using the techniques shown in this online tutorial will help you assemble a chocolate bouquet in an easy way The techniques you will learn are as follows:

  • Choosing and securing the right style base.
  • Correctly measure and place the cellophane and tissue paper you need
  • How to quickly stick the chocolates to skewers without piercing it
  • Where to position the chocolates
  • Ways to add height to the bouquet
  • Make space fillers with tissue paper and cellophane
  • The difference in results when using sticky tape and glue gun
  • Making a pull bow and finishing with curling ribbon

Tools and Materials

The tools and material used in this tutorial will be highlighted at the beginning of the video. Please don’t stress in getting everything the same as us. The styles, chocolate and material will make a difference to the final creation. However, as long as you use your creative imagination, we are sure it will look beautiful when finished.

Ways to apply your learning

When it comes to being creative, the opportunities are endless. This tutorial gives you the foundations to create beautiful gifts however it doesn’t stop there. We want you to use your creative imagination and practice it adding your own twist. Use different colours, positioning, perhaps try eco-friendly options, like we said, the opportunities are endless. We make up lots of styles as we go along, some are a disaster, and some are beautiful creations. The beautiful creations are then mastered and taught through our workshops.

We can’t wait to see your recreations. If you’re snapping a picture for the socials, don’t forget to tag us in your posts. @wrapitbytina on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube.

Accessing the online courses

All our courses are available through the Wrap it By Tina School on the Teachable platform. Upon confirmation of purchase, a free Teachable account will be created on your behalf by Wrap it By Tina. Within 24 hours we will automatically enrol you onto your online course and email you the login details.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students have worldwide and lifetime access. Our flexible course can be completed in stages that suit you giving you flexibility, to learn a new skill online.

Gifting whilst giving back

Giving back is so important to us and a small percentage of all profits from sales are donated to Tommy’s the Baby Charity. They fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. You can read more about why we donate to this charity on our Rainbow Baby pages.

More about the Mentor

We love teaching our crafting skills, but we know we cannot always teach face to face. Having creatives miss out wasn’t an option for us, so we introduced online courses in 2019.

We started with the Free Online Gift-Wrapping tutorial which has been accessed around the globe by hundreds of people. From there, we continued to build our online school with different types of gift-wrapping tutorials. This course is also available in The Wrap it Studio membership which has a huge library of other courses for you to access too.

Training is a huge passion of ours, and we enjoy experimenting with different styles until we have mastered the technique. Giving detailed tutorials is a must, and we record our courses to be followed easily by all levels of crafters. We have more planned for the coming year and can’t wait to share them all with you.

Your Feedback

Providing a great customer service is extremely important to us and your feedback is very valuable. Please do leave us a Google review once you complete your online tutorial. Should anything not be to your satisfaction, please do email us so we can put it right for you.

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How to make an Easy Chocolate Bouquet - Wrap it By Tina (2024)


How to make a chocolate bouquet easy? ›

Here are the steps you must take to make your chocolate bouquet from scratch.
  1. Step 1: Select Your Recipient's Favourite Chocolate or Snack. ...
  2. Step 2: Glue Your Treats. ...
  3. Step 3: Create Your Bouquet Box. ...
  4. Step 4: Place Foam at the Bottom of Your Chocolate Bouquet Box. ...
  5. Step 5: Add Coloured Tissue Paper. ...
  6. Step 6: Add the Chocolates.
Jan 7, 2022

Which paper is used to make chocolate bouquet? ›

Matte Cellophane Sheet is one side matte and glossy on the other side. A must have for flower packing, chocolate and cake bouquet making, hamper making, trousseau packing, henna artists, great decoration for school, art and craft projects and other artistic inspirations.

What is used to wrap bouquets? ›

Cellophane(Waterproof material)

One of the main functions of cellophane, which is used in almost all bouquets, is to act as a waterproof layer (water reservoir), wrapping the base of the bouquet so that it can be filled with a small amount of water to keep it fresh.

Can chocolate be wrapped in paper? ›

Chocolate bars are typically wrapped in one of two ways: aluminum foil (in direct contact with the chocolate) and a decorative paper sleeve that fits over the whole bar, or PET films, serves as both primary and secondary packaging.

What is the best paper to wrap a bouquet? ›

Table: Comparison of Bouquet Wrapping Paper Types
TypeProsBest For
Kraft PaperEco-friendly, TexturedRustic Arrangements
CellophaneGlossy, ColorfulGlamorous Bouquets
Tissue PaperSoft, ElegantDelicate Flowers
Oct 23, 2023

How do you wrap chocolate nicely? ›

Chocolate should be packed in a box that's 2-3 times the size of the gift itself. Try not to over stuff with cushioning, chocolate can overheat if the box is packed to tight. Pack chocolate well, use tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent the gift from sliding around.

How many chocolate bars in a bouquet? ›

The Chocolate Bar Bouquet has a great selection of chocolate brands, from Cadbury's to Mars & Nestle. The medium bouquet contains 15 bars of chocolate, the large size contains 25 bars and the extra large contains 45 chocolate bars!


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