What Happened To Emily Morgan? The ITV News Reporter Dies At 45 - OtakuKart (2024)

One of the UK’s most prominent television broadcasting channels has been mourning for the last few days. ITV announced the death of Emily Morgan through a heartfelt Twitter post last on 27 May 2023. ITV News has not only lost a pioneer reporter and news broadcaster but a compassionate mother, daughter, and wife as well.

The news came as a shock to everyone who knew Emily, including the general public. While we remember the late reporter in our prayers, let’s get to know more about Emily Morgan’s life as a reporter.

Emily Morgan was a promising reporter who was always passionate about her work. She first joined ITV as a producer and often helped in writing their shows as a political and health reporter. Morgan was always interested in becoming a journalist; after serving as a producer and writer for 5 years, she became a full-time reporter on ITV. Morgan later became the Science and Health Editor at ITV News.


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Her unbending courage and heroic reporting during the Covid-19 Pandemic will always remain a major highlight of her career. Emily was a part of ITV for 23 years, from the start of her career till her final days. The reporter was fighting her battle with lung cancer for some time, and on Friday, 26 May 2023, the 45-year-old bid her final goodbyes. In her final moment, Emily was surrounded by her loved ones. We hope she is in a better place now.

Friends and Family Pay Tribute to The Late Reporter

Emily has touched many lives through her reporting and passion. According to her colleagues, even in her last moments, Emily never lost her undying spirit. She left behind a heartwarming message for her close ones, teaching them the essence of life and what truly matters. In a report published by The Sun, Emily mentioned that she wanted to be remembered as a mother, wife, sister, and friend.

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After the news of her untimely death broke out, her friends and colleagues came forward with their messages for the late reporter. The Editor of ITV Network News, Andrew Dagnell, stated that “Emily was proud to be a journalist, but she was even more proud of her family. She adored them..”

The UK Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, shared a Twitter post commending Emily’s work during the Pandemic. He stated, “ Her exemplary reporting throughout the Covid pandemic was a vital [ublic service- helping to keep people safe.”

Highlights from Emily Morgan’s Life As A Reporter.

1. The Covid-19 Outbreak

The Covid -19 pandemic in 2020 caused havoc worldwide. While panic and distress were a common sight everywhere, the UK saw surging covid cases. With strict safety guidelines and safety protocols, on-site reporting became a challenging and life-threatening task. However, Emily’s devotion to her work and her duty as a reporter did not stop. Morgan led the Covid-19 coverage at ITV News, reporting directly from the hospitals.

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She spoke about the over-packed hospital situations and led multiple investigations on the inequality and prejudice of hospitals based on color, caste, and race. Serious issues like PPE failures, understaffed hospitals, and prolonged negligence to covid patients were brought forth by the reporter.

2. The Post-pandemic Challenges.

Her work did not end with the pandemic; she continued to be the voice of the people and shed light on the challenges of recovering from a Pandemic. In 2021, Emily commented on the post-pandemic challenges saying, “It isn’t easy reporting on deaths, especially large numbers.” She was taken aback by the number of deaths; she further added that every death was seen as statistical information, which is devastating.

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3. Her Final Report.

For her final report, Emily spoke to Professor Pat Price from Imperial College. In her final investigation, she wanted to bring attention to the overflowing conditions in private hospitals in the Uk that have resulted in delayed medical treatments and increased pressure on hospital staff. According to data, a four-week delay in diagnosis or treatment can lead to a 10% increase in death rates. The struggle to get access to NHS has forced patients to turn to private hospitals. The report aired on March 30, 2023, and became her last appearance on TV.

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What Happened To Emily Morgan? The ITV News Reporter Dies At 45 - OtakuKart (2024)


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